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Many businessmen and women are missing the important opportunity to have a solid and professional presence on the internet and social media. Consistently maintaining a quality Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook page is a big commitment, but having your name and face out in the world is vital to your connection with current and future clients, coworkers, and beyond. 


This is where we step in.  As your own personal social media curator, we act as a less-busy you, and post articles, images, and news on your social media pages. These articles or posts are specially curated to fit your personal and professional biography, keeping in mind exactly what you would like to be portrayed as on the internet. 

Want to learn more about social media or what would best suit you? We also do consulting where we can teach you how to work your own social media magic. 

To learn more information, just contact us or look into Our Services to learn about what we do, and look into What We Know for how we can help you! 

Do Any of These Common Worries Sound Like You? 

"I don't understand how social media works, and I am afraid I'll post the wrong thing" 

"I don't have time to research and read all of the articles I would like to post" 

"Who has the time to keep up with the consistency required to make a difference?"

How it Works

We understand the confusing algorithms & culture of each social media network so you don't have to. 

You complete a brief survey which helps us understand your priorities, topics of interest, your business, viewpoints, must HAVE's and must NOT's. Using that information, we are able to curate posts which best suit how you want to portray yourself on the web  

We offer various scales of oversight that allow you to be as involved and in control as you want, and can adjust over time as you become more comfortable with the accounts and platforms. 


It's All About YOU



We also provide consulting on which accounts will best suit you and your company, how to best launch your social media platforms, and assist you from there.  

Our Services

​       Consulting :

  • Half-hour sessions focusing on how you can make your own social media sites shine.
  • Take control of your internet presence with the help of our team to teach you the algorithm & culture of each site, and help you hone in your best internet self. 
  • You structure your experience & tell us what you want to know!
*Each posting contract comes with a free consultation on what social media will best fit your company & any questions you may have.  

​        Postings :
  • Monthly
  • Bi-Weekly
  • Weekly
  • Daily
  • On Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram. 
  • Email us to discuss bundles of more than one social media account. 

  • Whether articles for your newsletter, website pages, or any marketing content, let us do the final editing review to make sure you always look professional and knowledgable. Contact us for more information. 



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What Our Clients Say About Us...

"Knowing my message is consistent is important to me. WithThePearl allows me to stay in front of my target audience in ways time would never allow me" -Dee, COO, Jessup, MD

"WithThePearl is so easy to work with that it made my job easier. Very dependable and on point." 

​-John, CEO, Jessup, MD

"I know so much more about Twitter and Instagram from just two consultations with WithThePearl. I can't wait to explore what I can do!" -Mandy, Associate, Seattle, WA

"LinkedIn profiles matter when you're being hired and WithThePearl helped me make mine shine as my second resume showing my true, best self." -Lena, Intern, Pittsburgh PA 

"Emma is able to understand different client needs and business backgrounds. She is very responsive and works well with deadlines." -Kelly, Director, MD